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Best Aquarium Service NYC

Aquarium Service by Felix

Felix featured in the New York Times.

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Aquarium Services

Aquarium Services

I take pride in providing personalized service for my clients. Each client and each aquarium requires individualized specific services. Below are just some examples of the services I provide:

I perform the following services:

  • Visual Inspection – This is an imperative step in completely understanding the full health and condition of the enclosed system.
  • Analyzing Co-Habitation of Residents, Species Compatibility
  • Water Tests – Ammonia, pH, Salinity/Specific Gravity, Hardness/Softness, Chlorine water tests to determine the actual chemical structure of the system. Water temperature check, Compatible parameters for specific species, plants, crustaceans.
  • Maintenance Log – A log is maintained of changes, maintenance, and new residents, rocks, etc. This is an important tool in trouble shooting future situations and/or problems.
  • Cleaning – Suggested cleaning schedule depending on the bio load of each specific system.
  • Aquascaping:
    • Unique Designs
    • Use of Shapes
    • Natural Look
    • Design of Plants
    • Rift Lake Design
    • Open Water Design
    • Salt Water Design
    • Live Rock / Coral Design
  • Biotopes:
    • Specific set ups for inhabitants. The species are first researched. Then depending on the budget, the aquarium is aquascaped in the manner consistent with the endemic origin of the species selected. The ultimate goal is to replicate the natural environment including the background, plants and water parameters.
  • Aquarium leasing – with option to buy.
  • Ponds – set up and maintenance.

"My first experience with Felix was when literally saved our fish's life over the phone free of charge without any solicitation for future work. When I did hire him to service our tank and give us a 101 lesson on proper care, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and reliable. I will call Felix from now on for any of our tank needs!"


Felix Miranda aka “Felix the Fish Guy”
20 E 46th St. Rm 200
New York, NY 10017

Tel: 646-205-3021


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